Group 'In House' Training

We cater to large companies by offering 'in house' training at your facilities.

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Alcohol Licensing

Over 30 years experience dealing with all aspects of Alcohol Licensing for establishments.

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Business Setup and Consulting

Consulting for new and existing businesses regarding state and federal requirements.

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TABC Offline Training

Weekly classes at our facilities in McAllen, TX.

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Who We Are

We are, Maldonado Business Services. A McAllen based consulting firm, specializing in the Alcohol Beverage Industry.  We offer consulting services to new and existing businesses regarding State and Federal requirements and special permits. We also provide "online" and "offline" seller-server training.

What we do

  • Online TABC Seller-Server Training
  • Offline TABC Seller-Server Training (RGV, TX Only)
  • Start-Up Business Consulting
  • Alcohol Licensing and Special Permits
  • State Law Requirements
  • Federal Law Requirements

How We Do It

Relying on our experience and with a firm commitment to saving lives, we at Maldonado Business Servicehave been providing service to the people of the Rio Grande Valley for a little over 30 years.  We believe that well trained and informed people, make better choices when dealing with Alcohol and the unique situations that can arise from the sale, service or licitation for Licensing.


Who We Do It For


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